Thanks for dropping by to see this site. Our intention is to bring you a selection of writing by both ourselves and others who are interested in design and visual communications in the broadest sense, both in Ireland and abroad and how that applies to practice and theory.

This isn’t intended to be an academic site, although the material we and others post will, we hope, be of a high standard of enquiry. Nor is it meant to be humourless or overly earnest.

Instead we look to providing a platform for interesting and usefull writing on design and visual communications based on our research interests and whatever comes our way. We will also be posting material culled from various sources, sources we believe underpin a new and important analysis of visual material.

That means that you can expect to read about signage, television graphics, newspaper and other media advertising, material culture, two dimensional and three dimensional artifacts, cultural criticism, semiotics, critical theory and whatever else strikes us as worth commenting on. Some pieces will be long, others short. We won’t be posting every day, or even every other day. But there will be material put up on a regular basis and each piece will offer you the opportunity to consider and comment.


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