3 Guys and a Bookcase: Red&Grey Design book launch December 2008



The DRG is very pleased to announce the forthcoming launch on December 11th of:

3 Guys and a Bookcase: Red&Grey Design 2003-2008

This is a project separate to the DRG but initiated by some of our members. It is published by The Lilliput Press and Red&Grey Design.

The book provides an overview of the Dublin based design agency Red&Gray Design of which Bob Gray is a founder member. Written in an entertaining and informative style it examines their history and work, considers their influences and describes the processes involved in creating contemporary commercial design work. In essence it is an account of how one company was established and has prospered in an highly competitive industry.

The book will be of interest to Irish and international designers, design students and academics and a general readership interested in both the practice and theory of contemporary design.

As far as we are aware this is the first book of its kind produced by an Irish design company. As such in a market where there are already regular lectures, meetings and conferences of the Irish design community and a long-running annual Design Week it is, we think, a useful step forward.

Bob Gray, Keith McGuiness, Richard Weld-Moore, Rachel Breslin and Ciarán Swan worked closely during the last year to bring the book to fruition. But don’t take our word for it. You can visit the book website to see sample pages and place orders. To order, visit 3 Guys and A Bookcase here [site operative from November 21st 2008].

3 Guys and a Bookcase: Red&Grey Design 2003-2008
First published 2009 by Red&Gray Design and the Lilliput Press in association with the Design Research Group.
ISBN 978 1 84351 152 6

For review copies please use the email at the 3 Guys and A Bookcase site.

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