Happy New Year…

A brief post to thank those of you who have visited the DRG website over 2008. With a Conference completed earlier in the year and a book published in association with the DRG this Autumn it has been a remarkably busy year for all of us and unfortunately the frequency of posting has suffered consequently. That said it has also been a fascinating year in terms of design and visual communications and it is hoped to consider aspects of this in some detail soon on this site.

There is an open invitation for contributions to this website in the form of short or long pieces on aspects of the areas that are of direct interest to the work and research of the DRG. If you wish to submit such material please contact us at swanc (AT) ncad.ie (apologies for mangling that in order to defeat spam). It is our intention to put in place a review mechanism for such contributions in 2009.

As regards the broader activities of the DRG there are already plans being made for events in the New Year. Be assured they will be flagged up with plenty of notice.

And so it only remains to wish you all a very happy New Year.

Ciarán Swan

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